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Сравнительная характеристика: XR600R / XR650R

XR600R / XR650R Comparison Chart
Cylinder Angle 15 degrees 13 degrees More vertical cylinder allows space for radiators and hoses, while maintaining front wheel clearance.
Ignition oil bath dry Reduced parasitic drag. Larger main bearings with left side seal keeps oil out of ignition cavity.
Clutch access cover none yes Magnesium CR-type cover for easier clutch access. Cover is sealed with an 0-ring gasket.
Cylinder head RFVC 4-valve Liquid-cooled
Intake valve size 36 mm 37mm Increased valve area.
Exhaust valve size 31 mm 32mm Increased valve area.
Valve cover caps 4 2 Less weight, easier valve adjustment.
Bore & Stroke 97 x 80mm 100 x 82.6mm XR650R piston is 10.6 grams lighter.
Connecting rod length 134mm 140mm Rod is carbon-nitride treated.
Intake valve lift 8.8mm 9.2mm Increased valve lift.
Exhaust valve lift 8.5 mm 9.2 mm Increased valve lift.
Intake cam timing: open closed 5 degrees btdc 40 degrees atdc 15 degrees btdc 45 degrees atdc XR650R cam uses one intake lobe to operate two intake valves via a forked rocker arm.
Exhaust cam timing: open closed 45 degrees bbdc 5 degrees atdc 45 degrees bbdc 15 degrees atdc Two exhaust cam lobes operate two exhaust valves via rocker arms.
Cam chain 118 links 122 links New cam chain is stronger, lighter and quieter.
Cam chain tensioner 1 -way ratchet-type XR 400-type (spiral spring)  
Throttle bore diameter 38 mm 40 mm  
Carburetor body material Zinc Aluminum First XR application
Clutch gear teeth 70 71  
Primary ratio 2.188 1.651  
Clutch springs 4 5 Setting load: XR600R:120 kg XR650R: 108 kg
Primary drive gear 32 teeth 43 teeth  
Main shaft 13-tooth 12-tooth For easier shifting
Countershaft straight-spline involute-spline For easier shifting
C-1 gear 31 teeth 37 teeth  
M-2 gear 17t 16t  
C-2 gear 28t 34t  
M-3 gear 20t 19t  
C-3 gear 25t 31t  
M-4 gear 23t 21t  
C-4 gear 23t 28t  
M-5 gear 25t 26t  
C-5 gear 21t 29t  
Final drive 14/48 14/48 Rear sprocket material is stronger
Shift fork guide shaft diameter 7.4 mm 9.0 mm For less flex, allowing smoother shifts with less effort
Rear disc brake diameter 220 mm 240 mm Increased stopping power
Rear axle diameter 17 mm 20 mm Increased rigidity
Chain adjuster Snail-type CR-type Swingarm end is closed
Front brake hose 2-ply vinylon chloride Kevlar braided  
Front fork Showa 43mm Kayaba 46mm Increased rigidity
Front fork cartridge diameter 20 mm 25 mm  
Front fork underhang 116 mm 75 mm  
Front fork adjustment Preload, compression Compression and rebound damping  
Shock/stroke Showa/83mm Kayaba/110mm Increased travel
Upper shock bearing Helical Needle  
Exhaust head-pipe material Steel Stainless-steel  
Radiator core size None 105 x 285 x 24 mm  
Fuel tank capacity 2.7 gallons 2.6 gallons  
Shift lever Steel Aluminum  
Rear brake pedal Steel Aluminum  
Throttle effort 10.0 kg/cm 7.8 kg/cm 22 percent less effort
Clutch effort 6.4 kg 5.8 kg 10 percent less effort
Warranty period 6 months 6 months  
Engine guard Aluminum tube 1-piece high-impact plastic  
Cylinder Steel liner Nikasil Lighter, cooler-running structure using gravity die cast aluminum construction
Case screws 5mm Allen 8mm hex-head Easier maintenance
Removable subframe No Yes Three-bolt removal
Decompression lever Separate Integrated on top of clutch lever  
Rake/trail 27.0 degrees/ 105mm 27.8 degrees/ 111mm  
Wheelbase 57.3 inches 58.3 inches  
Engine weight 98 pounds 88 pounds  

Information provided by Honda

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